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Gareth's complaint against Wakefield and District Housing

Gareth Jones


Discriminant housing association

Complaint against Wakefield and District Housing

I don’t know why it’s called choice based lettings because it’s not about choice it’s about who they want to favouritise and the rest of the applicants are just left on a so called waiting list regardless of their circumstances or situation that they’ve in fact provided proof of . You basically bid for nothing because your never acknowledged . If you speak the truth they suspend you from their waiting list (what they claim to be ) . And when they re add you to irbid they continue with the ignorance they never acknowledge you despite that the properties you actually bid on are the ones your clearly eligible for yet their always given to people who haven’t even waited 6 months it’s a joke and the rules are made up as they go along so I wouldn’t even bother with these because I’ve been bidding for the past 13 years provided them proof of my circumstances and situation yet they’ve chose to clearly ignore anything I’ve given them so it’s not choice based at all it’s what and who they favouritise . And it’s all wrong disgusting to say their meant to be a so called brilliant housing association that puts peoples needs at their heart . The only thing they’ve got at heart is how they want to either discriminate you or victimise you nothing else !!!

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