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gareth's complaint against Wakefield and District Housing

gareth burrow


Disgusting housing association that discriminates & victimises people

Complaint against Wakefield and District Housing

If your looking for housing i wouldn't bother with this housing association as their not what they claim to be , your left on what they call a waiting list for years on end and none of any supporting information is ever acknowledged whatsoever ... they ignore your letters emails yet they then send you letters making allegations of unacceptable behaviour and remove your application from the website and continue to ignore you ... they do however fail to mention their attitudes which are disgusting because they seem to think it's acceptable to speak to you like muck off bottom of your shoe and if you retaliate in any way or form they dont like it whatsoever .... favouritism is what it is ... if you have any disabilities physical or mental you will just be played on ,you won't be thought of at all other then to ignore any acknowledgement of you .... before your rehoused at all from this housing association the people who apply for housing and are given it in a matter of weeks to 3 months ... so basically your invisible to them they dont care what situation your in or what your circumstances are your nothing to them .... the only thing they have at the heart of what they do is complete ignorance , arrogance and a stinking attitude and will victimise you if your one the chosen ones they want to do it to all for themselves and like to their clever when their intimidating housing applicants and treating them in anyway they like and they also seem to think their above the law and can do whatever they like and call you what ever names they want to but choose to ignore to answer why they've chosen to do it because this is how ignorant they actually are ....They seem to think it's clever of them to be intimidating towards people then be ignorant when questioned as to why thinking their above the actual law and can speak to people however they like !!

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