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gareth's complaint against Wakefield and District Housing

gareth burrow



Complaint against Wakefield and District Housing

I wouldn't even bother applying with this so called CHOICE BASED LETTINGS . Because they will put you in the lowest possible group they can and blatantly ignore you regardless of your need for housing any supporting evidence you give them to support your application will never be acknowledged whatsoever instead they'll clearly ignore you and leave you to suffer unless your kissing their backsides of course . I've been on the so called waiting list since 2006 and was placed in band c and despite the proof I've give them of what I'm having to live in and what their ignorance has caused they've just blatantly ignored it and thinks it's clever of them to do it . They've called me racist and ignored the answers I've asked for why they've done it . I'm 1/4 Asian my self and I've siblings of mixed race so this is something I'd never be and I happen to have screenshots of every email I've sent and received from them and also every phone call I've made to them which I've recorded and which shows what attitude they have had . They clearly think they can talk to people like basic muck of the bottom of their shoes and that people have to take this from them . They would rather victimise,discriminate against you and intimidate you rather then help you they also tell lies and also discuss your health problems amongst themselves via emails to one another which I've got proof of aswell I want all the public to actually know what sort of housing association this actually is and not what they claim to be it's all a con and it's all fixed on their choice based lettings . People don't get choice at all .And they tell more lies then an experienced liar does. And also change their stories . I'd stay well clear if you want to actually be rehoused because of your face don't fit with them then you'll get nowhere at all . Baring in mind they'll state to you that band c is a low priority banding but if you search their previous weeks you will actually see that there's more band c people who are given housing within months while there's people in the same band waiting years with actually circumstances and their ignored completely .And to be quite honest they need shutting down because they have no interests at heart for anybody only themselves and their attitudes that actually stink .

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