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gareth's complaint against Wakefield and District Housing

gareth burrow


plain ignorant to housing applicants

Complaint against Wakefield and District Housing

this housing association are not what they claim to be . they are plain ignorant ive been on the waiting list and ive bid on properties that I am eligble for yet they bypass me on these every week yet band c can register and be rehoused within months and they actually blocked my email address to prevent me from emailing.them and stated that I had to write in letters to them so i have done and theyve done exactly the same as theyve always done and that is completely ignore me when ive wanted answers . discrimination is what it is and it will be sorted through the courts because they just give housing to who they want to have and genuine people like myself are pushed to one side and ignored . yet its meant to be a choice based lettings yet wheres the choice apart from being allowed to bid on properties just to be bypassed by them they just play head games all the time and think they'll get away with this well they wont be and that's for certain your attitutde towards people actually stinks and you expect people to tolerate this and they wont and one day you will realise what you is against the law and to do it someone that has a disability is beyond a joke and actually sick and yes you do discriminate people and you're a complete joje

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Ian Gibson | | VERIFIED

I’m having a similar problem again despite being through this process via the Housing Ombudsman On the last occasion the Chief Executive assured me that any future problem I had I was to make him aware. Unfortunately his staff won’t make him aware. I’m prepared for a battle and will get the local MP involved and request that it is mentioned in Parliament about this Housing Association

gareth burrow | | VERIFIED

Their quick and mouthy over a keyboard but when you go to them face to face they don't like it and threaten you with the police theyve no respect for anybody and their no better then anyone only ive more respect as i was brought up to respect people who respect me and with their attitudes i sometimes wonder if they were dragged up as it seems it to me
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