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katie's complaint against Wakefield and District Housing

katie jones


work not getting done

Complaint against Wakefield and District Housing

I moved into my house April 2014 I signed the tenancy agreement withthe word of the woman that the modernisation will b done before April 2015 it's now Nov 2016 an this house as only just had a new boiler put in the Windows whistle when its windy the kitchen ceiling and walls are all cracked an ceiling leaks when I av a shower, near my front door leaks through an hole I reported but wasn't fixed due t bad weather my bedroom ceiling is now leaking above my bed which results in me Avin to sleep on the sofa with very little sleep but still av t get up at 5 for work, all my hallway walls are dinted where the tenent before me as marked it an I wanted it plastering so I cud decorate it, one of the cupboards in my kitchen is in an awkward place resulting in me reaching up to it an ending up in crutches. I have 3 children an after Avin a messy brake up wanted to move in for a fresh start as a nice family an all its done is cause me upset no one should feel like this in there own home I just want it all fixed so I can make this house a home for me an my kids

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