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Jade's complaint against Gleeson Homes

Jade Siddall



Complaint against Gleeson Homes

So before we moved in, our expected completion date was moved back a month, and then another month, we didn't complain, we just waited patiently. Gleesons put our floor down for us which we were very impressed with, only for the lino in the kitchen to pull up every time we hoovered. A member of the gleesons team came down and said they never stick the floors down but then continued to show me the glue and tell me that this was the glue they always use? We weren't the registered owners of the house for almost a year because apparently we'd breached the contract by building a fence on our driveway that overlapped the public path... Let me clarify, there is no fence! But apparently the site manager had been down and confirmed that there was indeed a fence on our driveway. I told them to send him back down to show me where this supposed fence was, but of course no one ever came. The back garden was a mess, when digging it up to soil and seed it, we found whole bricks, plastic sheets etc. We spent roughly £200 on the garden and then when it got to winter, the garden was flooded for months! It was like a swamp, the dogs wouldn't even stand on it. We now have no grass and nothing but weeds on our garden. This was all due to the site plans for the land next to our house being changed and us not being made aware. Now there are houses being built at 6ft above the level of our own house, meaning they are level with the boundary fence. When I bought this to the attention of gleesons (it took me at least 3 emails and a few messages on Facebook) they sent a third party down with a sheet of things that he had obviously been told to say. We also had a letter of complaint from gleesons that our grass was too long and we needed to cut it so that it was a nice place to live... It's a building site! Workmen using awful language, filthy uneven roads, construction vehicles blocking the way.. a bit of long grass isn't going to change that!

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Paul Lane | | VERIFIED

Gleeson asked me for a “Snag List” so I handed it over: Bricklayers: Plumbers: Electrician’s: Painters: Joiners: Landscapers: Site Managers: and anyone wearing a Gleeson hard hat. They weren’t impressed. Now they know they know how I feel!!
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