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Rach's complaint against Gleeson Homes



Criminal damage trespassing and theft

Complaint against Gleeson Homes

7 months after moving into my new home I was told the boundary fence was in the wrong position which was already there when I secured the property. I have received nothing from gleeson but my neighbours have. I came home from work to my fence moved garden furniture broken and the fence I payed for an put up over the original fence myself GONE and replaced with a mouldy fence they gained access to my garden and used my garden furniture to climb back out of my garden police solicitors and local paper all involved no response from gleeson house sold under false prentenses SHOCKING me an my neighbours feel violated

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Paul Lane | | VERIFIED

Get a proper solicitor because if your facts are correct you have a case in the small claims court for the recovery of damages as a result of the negligence of the contractors carrying out the work.
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