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Laura's complaint against Gleeson Homes

Laura Wynne



Complaint against Gleeson Homes

I'm disappointed in my experiences as a first time buyer with Gleeson Homes. I reserved a plot at Hamelin Park back in March, due to the high demand and ease of sales I didn't ask any questions before reserving as the sales rep made out that it was my only chance before it would have been too late. I was told completion was going to be June (give or take a few weeks) and not to worry about anything. Come May, I've been mithered to sort a mortgage, pay my deposit and exchange contracts. Completely understandable considering completion was June. So far, all I've had is last minute phone calls letting me know that dates have been pushed back, and this has happened 4 times. I was told I had to exchange contracts as soon as possible, however this would ordinarily be done once a completion date has been finalised. I've been losing out on the interest that my deposit would have been making in my own bank account, rather than the solicitors (who I chose through Gleeson and so wouldn't surprise me if they're making money from that as well) I visited my plot at the start of August, and was told that the CML date was going to be the 23rd August. I received a phone call a week later telling me it's been pushed back one month - I will not be swayed to believe that they weren't aware of the fact it wasn't going to be anywhere near finished when I was there the first time around. Time and time again I've made arrangements for things in preparation to move and each time I've been let down. I'm currently paying rent in order to continue living with my parents, so far this is £600 more than I was intending to pay. Not to mention the fact that I've had my mortgage offer since May (as I was pressured in to getting everything done immediately) I'm also aware that the site manager has done been dismissed for allowing the site to fall in to disarray. I have to say, this has to be the most unprofessional and slack experience I've ever encountered and im growing increasingly concerned that my mortgage offer will have expired by the time the property is finished. I suggest you either hire more contractors to complete work in a timely fashion, or stop promising customers things you cannot deliver. I'm highly unamused with the whole process, and ive been fobbed off with poor excuses since the beginning of the process. I'm now out of pocket and considering my mortgage offer expires in November, I can assure you that I won't be footing the bill for the additional costs associated with this. I'm buying a house, not a couch and I would expect the level of customer service to be that if a much higher level. I would receive a better customer service journey at McDonald's.

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Paul Lane | | VERIFIED

Go park outside their show house reception and pass comment to every person that walks towards it. Weekends are good with people coming to view.
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