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Graham's complaint against Gleeson Homes



Gleesons. Are not sticking to the landscaping plans

Complaint against Gleeson Homes

Not sticking to site plans. Instead of turfing and planting trees and having a low fence running the full stretch of the area as in the plans and as sold to us when buying our property which looks out onto it, they have instead tarmacked the full area. No fence so it is getting used as a parking area and the trees are going to be planted into the tarmac. Giving a truely crap view - not what we were promised. Further more the laid tarmac has been laid not upto but ON privately owned fences which now get flooded, so there is a perfect example of how much the company care. I have emailed Gleeson customer care to ask what was happening with the turf and the response I got was "The finished surface you are referring to will remain in place, as this is the best possible finish for Gleeson to maintain". So basically the plans mean naff all by the sound of it.

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Paul Lane | | VERIFIED

Go and see a good solicitor. If the plans formed the basis for your agreement then anything not adhered to could be construed as breech of contract. It’s worth 15 mins of your time to get legal opinion and if you take all the relivant paperwork it should be easy to determine where you stand. Then take great delight in going to the small claims court which is a very, very easy procedure.
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