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Kirsty's complaint against Gleeson Homes

Kirsty Ellis


Living on a building site

Complaint against Gleeson Homes

I've had an horrific experience with gleeson development in lower hopton mirfiled I've bought a property from them however it's next door to a building site and expect me to love there with my little girl. Mortgage payments are coming out however feel health and safety is failing here. 1. One of their diggers has drove into my partners car causing damage. Since this I feel I've had ongoing issues with them. 2. The digger that hit my car also drove over a patch of my grass and damaged this. They refuse to fix it. 3. On inspection my garage door was up. Reported a dent in garage door few days after and been told I'm liable even though I'm next to a building site 4. Reported ongoing issues such as bricks coming out of wall, work not finished and heard nothing. 5. Could never park near my house due to their vans and diggers all on my property. When I have been there they knock on my door every 10 minutes asking if I can move my car off My drive so they can do work next door. 6. Recieving very upsetting emails from them blaming myself for damage they have caused. I can't seem to find anyone that will take ownership of my issues and recieve nothing but emails with no appolagy.

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