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robert's complaint against Gleeson Homes

robert whittle


Poor work -

Complaint against Gleeson Homes

Basically, the house build is awful! staff tell me things are not issues, like pipes that bang and clatter when hot water is run, stairs that crack and creek when used, draining boards on the kitchen sink that don't drain, hole in the floor, just awful build quality # Ive just had someone around who just laughed in my face! I ended up tell him to get out my house, pretty much all their staff are rude! I have emailed the CEO and no one replies. stressed and upset - wish I had never purchased the house!

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Paul Lane | | VERIFIED

Go park outside their show house reception and pass comment to every person that walks towards it. Weekends are good with people coming to view. Give them a copy of this website so they can see the all the comments of distress (don’t worry about the odd one or two reviews of praise from Gleeson “customers” they’ll see through that like every other Real customer.
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