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Joseph 's complaint against Gleeson Homes

Joseph Hughes


Sewage flies in downstairs toilet

Complaint against Gleeson Homes

I moved in to my house two years ago and within a week we where living with 100's of fruit flies killing 50+per day,and with complaint after complaint and being told it was nothing to do with them we finally found that they where coming from the downstairs toilet as they had not sealed a hole properly at the back of the toilet.the toilet has never flushed properly and we found out recently by united utilities that they wouldn't have been fruit flies they where and are sewage flies you can imagine having two young children we do not want to start doing anything to the toilet as the problem will just start all over again and now it is totally blocked and surprise surprise it has flooded the whole back kitchen today,but guess what I complained to them last week and they haven't even bothered to ring about my complaint because they have got my £130,000 so they don't give a damn about you once they have your money DO NOT BUY A GLEESON PROPERTY AS THEY ARE AWFUL.

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Paul Lane | | VERIFIED

Contact these people. If it’s a new build you will have had to have a guarantee in order to get a mortgage. Contact your mortgage provider but likely you will have NHBC cover Not sure if the phone numbers are still correct but you can soon find out. 01908 746 121. If you have a complaint about your home, please contact the Claims department on 0800 035 6422 or email them at [email protected]
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