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David's complaint against Gleeson Homes

David King


Terriblle After Sales / Customer Service

Complaint against Gleeson Homes

Appalling bad uncaring after sales customer service, love the house and sales staff are helpful and friendly, but let down by lack of interest in sorting the issues with the property and some staff are downright rude expect me to put myself out to fix their faults. Still have no phone /internet 3 months now their fault they knew when i moved in they had not done the work, issues with the fence boundary it's apparently wrong and has to be moved land registry wont register the house, faults with the house although minor they had weeks to do them before I started a new job they didn't lift a finger, didn't do the exterior faults they don't need me to be at home to do them. Ruined my front garden altering the boundary of the house they are building next door, trampling all over the turf which is ruined put up security fencing on my property. Then they all of a sudden barrage me will calls of 3 site managers and emails telling me I have to take time off work so they can get into my house to sort the internal faults although they had the key for 3 weeks and did nothing. To top it all customer service message me today and tell me they are signing off all the defects as I cannot take time off to suit them to get into my house. I have responded with the fact THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING IN 3 MONTHS INCLUDING THE OUTSIDE FAULTS I didn't want to write this but have had enough of them a bunch of cowboys at one point they got me to sign off the defects and promised me they would be done hence having my keys for 3 weeks. Nothing happened so i resurrected them again and here they are telling me they are closing them down as i cannot take time off of my NEW JOB to suit them, The house is on Kings Park Stainforth They have spoilt what started off as a good experience AVOID

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