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Sheree's complaint against Gleeson Homes

Sheree Wilson


Unwanted plants in front lawn

Complaint against Gleeson Homes

We were sent a letter saying that they were going to be putting plants and trees in the vercinity to our property only to go out and come back 1hour later to find that my front lawn had been dug up and worker putting plants in to the lawn. When questioned about what they were doing stated that these should have been put in when planning permission was given in 2011 and it was to do with the council not taking over the highways and pathways until sorted, so you are telling me that 6 year down the line that you can just come on to private land and do what the hell you like well I would like a response to your action or this matter will go legal and we will sue for trespassing. You still think that you can tell us what to do with our property's don't think so

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Paul Lane | | VERIFIED

Dig them up then send them a bill for repairing your garden. £200. Include on the invoice they have 30 days to pay or interest will be added at 8% above the Bank of England rate. After 90 days send them a final demand with the 60days accrued interest stating that no further correspondence will be entered into and the matter will be handed to the small claims court. Sheffields the Head Office.
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