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Marlene's complaint against Places for People

Marlene Ashman


Parents blocking our entrance

Complaint against Places for People

The complaint I am making is about the Children,s parents, ,parking in our entrance and parking spaces. We live on a privant road which still don't stop them from blocking us in from 8.30am to 9.15am and the worse time is 2.45pm to 3.30pm. We are very reluctant to make appointments between these times,if we asks them to move or not to park there,they tell us they got to park somewhere to pick up their children and we are very selfish to complain , but most of the time they just swear at us , it not just the parents blocking us in we also got coaches parking there as well. It's a problem for the ambulances picking up and dropping off from hospital it's also a problem for the men trying to entry our bins. This year the school is building two extra classrooms which will be up to sixty more children attending the school , so the blocking our entrance is going to get worse. This is very unfair of you to let us put up this every day . So please can you put a barrier , gates or a camera at the entrance stop this from happening

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