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Complaint against L\u0026J CRB

L&J CRB LTD. We first came across this company when i looking for someone who would supply and fit a over the door porch. Well l&j were the first company to reply, and the work person who was the owner of the company came to survey the work. . A big mistake ,he was so convincing in the matter that looking around our property we had a problem with another matter. Which was that our sitting room window sill was crumbling which was right we did known about it but we had not thought about it. He really made us think that this was urgent.To cut along story short we paid this man £2050 and yes he did come when he said he would come and after the scaffolding had gone up the work began . It was then that we were told that we had a crumbling top window lintle and it would be another £1500 which we did give him After the work started on this other problem we were also told that he had noticed the chimney stack had render missing dew to bad weather. This was going to cost £2000 for this repair and we would only need a few more bits of scaffolding as most of the scaffolding was there. Stupidly were taken in and we raided our savings for the monies . We paid another £2000 .Being pensioners this was a lot of our savings. So they started on the work but my husband was not happy with the way the work was getting done ,he telephoned the person in charge, and the workers were asked to stop work. It was a few days before we saw anyone and then he said as it was severe weather the high winds stopped anyone going up the scaffolding . We had to wait for over 4 weeks for anything to happen, and then it was different workers and they wouldn't start work as the roof scaffolding was unsafe. Therefore by this time we were totally fed up ,we told the foreman just to finish off the window work and just forget the chimney .The work on the Window was shoddy So we didn't want him to do the rest of the work.Therefore we asked him for tomorrow 11irefund the monies paid for not doing the work on the chimney £2000 yes we thought ok but then at a later date he said he could pay £1500 and he said he didn't need to give us anything back . We were given £300. And he would give us £300. per Month after that. Well that was January 2015 and we have had a total of £600. My husband telephoned I don't khow many times until up to now we cannot contact L&JCRB We feel very stupid that we handed over £5550.to this company money we cannot afford to loose . We also had to pay another company £2500 just to rectify the window work it was a mess We also had to claim on our house insurance for the work on our chimney to be done. And I didn't even get my porch canopy.

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