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Jeff's complaint against Fineholm

Jeff Blair


Disgusting service and shocking ethics

Complaint against Fineholm

My daughter was a tenant in Glasgow in a flat rented from fineholm , she became seriously ill and while out shopping collapsed and was rushed to critical in hospital in govern , she was at one point fighting for her life which was a very traumatic time for me as her father and her mother we believed we was going to lose her at the age of 22 . It tuned out her diagnosis was a very rare bone marrow disease which has a 25% survival rate . My daughter was in hospital for over 6 weeks , I phoned fineholm and told them she was in critical condition and in the high dependency ward where she stayed for over 6 weeks and a decision was made to transfer her to barts hospital in London as this is where Her family are and she would receive chemo therapy , my daughter has begun to improve but will have this disease hanging over her for the rest of her life and highly likely will need a bone marrow transplant and with the threat of losing her life at any point . I Arranged with a friend of my daughters who lives in Glasgow to remove all of my daughters property so they could at least rent out the property he also cleaned up hoovering cleaning surfaces etc but left a footstool by mistake which fineholm want to be paid to remove it . Also for the 6 weeks my daughter was in hospital the meter was £18 in debt as she had not been there to top it up , but she had other things on her mind , how could she possibly top it up ? after I sent the keys back to the office they have contacted my daughter by email even though I specifically asked them to contact me so I could deal with questions they had , telling her she will receive a bill for cleaning such items as blue tack left on the wall and an unclean fridge etc all minor things , they informed her they are keeping her deposit which was already agreed by us again to cover as much as we possibly could and that she will receive the bill once they have added up all the costs. , my daughter was actually having chemotherapy when she received the email from An agent at fineholm , the email frightened and upset my daughter which I am completely shocked at this company’s ethics My daughter lost her job , her flat and almost her life and fineholm reaction to this is to hound her for cleaning also implying she stole a sofa and a bed when she has emails to prove they took the bed away . I am totally disgusted with the morals of this company the agents are hard nosed , ignorant and poorly trained , I would advise anyone thinking of using this company to go elsewhere or at least make sure not to get in a life threatening situation because they don’t care . Because even if your on your deathbed they will still hound you and take your last breathe . Completely disgusting . I was not a tenant my daughter was I had to tick I am a tenant or I would not have been able to give this review . I am looking forward to them taking this case to court . Stay away people that’s my honest opinion.

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