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Sarah's complaint against Dreamroof

Sarah Harries


[RESPONDED] Dreamroof refused to refund my £1250 deposit

Complaint against Dreamroof

Dreamroof quoted me £5k for the spray foam plus any remedial work that was needed. On the day of installation they said that a lot more work needed doing than first thought and it would be more than £10k for all the work. Obviously I didnt have this extra £6k just lying around so told them I would have to cancel. Dreamroof then refused to refund me my deposit despite mis-quoting me massively and despite not doing any work on my roof. I feel it is unprofessional of them to; 1. Mis-quote me so greatly in the first place 2. Offer to do the original quoted work (which would have been half the job - who wants half a job doing??) 3. Refuse to give me my deposit back - afterall, I only cancelled due to their errors in the first place.

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Steve Gunnell | | VERIFIED

We are sorry you chose to cancel with Dreamroof. As you know your roof need far more work than we originally quoted for - you were made aware of the extra costs (you even let slip that you knew of the issues before we even quoted for them!). We subsequently greatly reduced the extra costs but you still chose not to proceed.

Steve Gunnell | | VERIFIED

1. We did not misquote. We quoted for the work to be done and subsequently uncovered more serious structural work. Which we then quoted for. 2. It wouldn't have been half a job, as you know! 3. You chose to cancel the contract, even though we greatly reduced the price.

Sarah Harries | | VERIFIED

What absolute rubbish! You should quote thoroughly and realistically and you should at least turn up with a ladder to do a full inspection, not just guess work!! and you should not surprise someone on the day by asking for an additional £6k! And no we didn't "let it slip" - of course we knew had roofing issues which is why we contacted you in the first place!

Sarah Harries | | VERIFIED

And you reduced the cost (ever so slightly) only after I had tried to contact you for TWO MONTHS to see if I could have my deposit back.
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