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denise's complaint against Dreamroof

denise maclean


[LAPSED] dreamroof system had to be ripped out when an issue with the roof

Complaint against Dreamroof

Dreamroof system was installed in june later when a problem with the roof occured it all had to be ripped out. Apparently roofing contractors say stay away from this method as it drys like concrete & you have to rip the whole roof of as it is too hard.you cannot repair the odd tile.

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Lapsed. denise has not responded in 90 days

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Steve Gunnell | | VERIFIED

Hi Denise we were unaware that you had any problem with your roof as you haven't contacted us. It's very easy to make repairs without damaging the spray foam. Can you clarify exactly what has been the issue and why you didn't ask us to resolve it for you?
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