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Elizabeth's complaint against Dreamroof

Elizabeth Coppard


[RESPONDED] Streaks of Resin left down front of house

Complaint against Dreamroof

Our property has been defaced by Dreamroof operatives and we have been completely ignored when we have tried to contact them to resolve the matter. We were eventually promised a visit and I therefore took a day off from my work. Unsurprisingly, The representative did not turn up and did not even have the courtesy to call. A further problem is that the Certificate of guarantee has been issued in completely the wrong name and Address.

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Steve Gunnell | | VERIFIED

Hi I'm sorry we did not respond quickly enough. We have returned for the second time and resolved the issue. We will also be issuing you with the correct spelling of your address. We apologise for the inconvenience and hope that you can enjoy our spray foam.

Elizabeth Coppard | | VERIFIED

The issue has been resolved to our satisfaction
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