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Top tips to add value to your property

Patrick Christys
Apr 12, 2019

It's a really good time to buy a property at the moment, as prices stagnate across the UK.

But it could be a tough time for those desperate to sell, with many sellers having to face a stark choice: Accept a lower offer or face the possibility of keeping your property on the market for a very long time.

So here's a handy guide for sellers looking to ensure they attract the highest possible bids for their current homes - if you add some of these features to your property, it should yield a better return.

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Research by, a website specialising in blinds of all things, reveals how much the following features could add to the value of a property:

The average Brit will spend about £8,000 to make sure their kids live next to the best schools, so if you're in a good catchment area, make the most of that.

If your house features a driveway or a garage, you could up the overall price of the property by £4,000 to £4,500. 

One of the areas subjects to the most requests is the garden, and a south-facing one could earn you £5,000 extra.

Apparently people are keen to live their own version of 'The Good Life', so if the property boasts a vegetable patch, that can add on an extra £400.

With tech becoming even more evolved, some would pay on average £3,500 for smart home features - such as lighting and heating you can control from your phone. 

Finally, if you have nice neighbours, don't hesitate to advertise it. People would be willing to pay £2,000 for some occasional friendly chit-chat. 

Here is a full list of the property features that add value, and by how much:

Swimming pool - £10,000

· Close to good schools - £8,000

· Bar at the end of garden - £6,000

· South-facing garden - £5,000

· Room to expand - £4,500

· Garage - £4,500

· Driveway parking - £4,000

· Smart home features - £3,500

· A second reception room - £3,000

· Nice neighbours – £2,000

· Solar panels - £1,500

· An open fire - £1,000

· Jacuzzi bath - £1,000

· Exposed brickwork - £850

· A tight-knit community - £500

· Vegetable patch - £400 

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