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'Crock of s***' property firm tries to censor critics

Patrick Christys
Jul 3, 2019

A property firm with a terrible one star rating has been accused of trying to censor negative comments online.

Persimmon, which has its headquarters in York, often faces criticism for the alleged shoddy nature of its building across the country.

Buyers were so angry they even created a Facebook page called: 'Persimmon Homes Unhappy Customers' - but the firm has managed to take control of the group and make it 'secret', so the wider public can't see all the negative comments.


But A Spokesman Said is still giving their buyers a voice, here is a flavour of the complaints we've received: 

Kimmy wrote in to say: "Persimmon Homes are an absolute crock of s**t.

"I have had noting but trouble since before we moved in, from not being completed on time to being told an absolute 100% move in date and then been told again its being delayed AGAIN.

"We were nearly homeless because the sales advisor told us a date so we handed in the tenancy agreement then he whined like a teenager telling me it wasn't his fault no one communicated with him.

"Had to move into a house with the pipes for the washer capped off and had to chase them for almost a week just to be able to put the washing machine on! The electric shower that we paid over £900 for doesn't work and they keep saying its the company who make them that need to sort it and the company that make them say its Persimmon that need to fix it.

"We have been here over three weeks and we are yet to use the shower because it still doesn't work. Last but no means least (yes there is a longer list but these are the main things) I have been waiting for my driveway to be relayed, they got half way through and didn't finish.

"I gave a garage key to the site manager so it can be fixed. Ive just got home from a 12.5hour shift to find they couldn't be bothered to sort it out! To say I'm annoyed is an understatement."

Strong stuff. And Kimmy is not alone. But in a bid to hide negative comments like the above, Persimmon is understood to have contacted the person in charge of the Facebook complaints page and taken control last week.

It then swiftly changed the group's name to 'Persimmon Homes Customer Care', restricted members' ability to comment and made the page 'secret'.

It means that most people can no longer view it and has prompted a furious response from users, with Zoe Evans writing: 'So they focus on silencing people rather than sorting out the issues?'

Another former member of the group, Andy Anderson, wrote: 'This is Persimmon's way of trying to suppress their swathes of justifiably unhappy customers by simply buying out pages from spineless page owners.'

Users have started a new group called 'Persimmon – Unhappy Customers', where they are continuing to post complaints.

One post says: 'Persimmon have bought out the original unhappy customers page to try and cover up their many mistakes.

'They need to know they can't get away with censoring the public so share, share, share.'


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