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New-build home 'with 400 faults'

Patrick Christys
Jul 5, 2019

A dream home can soon turn into a nightmare. Just ask this couple who moved into a £400,000 new-build house, only to discover 400 alleged faults. 

Joe Tompkinson, 33, and wife Claire, 43, were excited about the prospect of a 'fresh start' when they moved into their Linden Homes property in Swindon, Wiltshire, in December 2017.

But their home life has been ruined by what they claim is shoddy and unsafe workmanship.


Mr Tompkinson says the long list of faults includes botched repairs, unbolted banisters, sinking bathroom floors, subsidence, cracked flooring and missing brickwork.

He says he's even been woken up by the noise of tiles falling off the roof in the night.

They claim the property is dangerous, especially considering they have three young children, aged eight, five and three.

Mr Tompkinson said an independent survey condemned the roof because the majority of tiles were incorrectly secured and soffits built too low. 

He claims Linden Homes promised £7,350 to cover expenses while the family vacated the house for 'a few weeks in the summer' to allow repair work to be undertaken.

So they booked a three-week trip to Florida, only for the firm to withdraw their offer!

Mr Tompkinson said: 'We had been in the new home for a couple of weeks when Claire found a smashed tile on the driveway which had come off the roof.

'A tile caused £3,000 worth of damage to our car which was parked outside. This was reimbursed but initially Linden said it was an act of god caused by wind.

'We've heard tiles falling from the roof when we've been in bed. We are worried a tile could come off and hit us or the children. It's not safe.'


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