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Maureen's complaint against Bensons for Beds

Maureen Trainer


Bed not delivered

Complaint against Bensons for Beds

I was due a bed and two headboard to be delivered on 2nd of May by carriers for Benson's for beds. I was buzzed on my intercom by the carriers to say it had arrived. I informed them the lift was out of order, that was the LAST I heard from them. I then phoned the Number on the text message from Benson's, if I'd a delivery problem, telling them what happened.I was told that the carriers had a problem getting the bed either in or up the stairs?? The man sounded puzzled as I Why? as it was a 3/4 Bed. Incidentally, he was the nicest I spoke to, as the others were rude, uncaring and unhelpful.I was told I needed to ring customer service and after several unsuccessful attempts to get through, decided to ring the store that I purchased the goods from. The lady there, told me after the explanation,that getting in wouldn't have been the reason, when she heard the lift was out of order, because company policy doesn't allow the carriers to carry above the fourth floor. I'm on the 5th, and that they could arrange another delivery when I told them the lift was operating!! As I'm only in the process of moving and at the moment live a considerable distance away and my husband has been ill and hospitalised this would be near impossible and cause delays, which would delay further, our moving in date.Because of this I asked for my order to be cancelled and for a full refund, as I felt I should have been made aware of this when ordering and paying. I wasn't asked on what floor I lived, or if I even had a lift. I was told there would be a 20% cancellation charge which I found scandalous.I was told to contact customer service, I was then answered by what seemed to me a young and immature man who informed me a photograph had been taken and sent to them by the carriers, showing they couldn't deliver in the building?? I told him I'd had an 8' sofa carried into, and up 5 floors but he insisted this was the case.I then told him what the sales assistant told me regarding the fourth floor policy and he wouldn't commit to knowing of this, only to ask Who had said it?.After all that transpired and the carriers disappearance without informing me, what was happening, I'm inclined to beleive what the shop assistant told me about the fourth floor policy, although customer service wouldn't admit it. He told me he could arrange to send the bed back to the store we bought from and arrange a private courier to deliver it. Why? when they had there own carriers!! to be arranged!! As this was going to cause further delay I refused and asked for my full refund, to be told of the 20% cancellation fee.I was ,and still am very distressed by the companys customer service and carriers behaviour and uncaring manner, and beleive that Bensons sales assistants should inform their customers of the carriers policy.Furthermore I am a senior citizen whose husband was in hospital on that day, which can be confirmed, and was worried and anxious about his procedure, only to be exacerbated by your company's behaviour. It was shocking to say the least and I'm prepared to take this further if I do not receive a full refund. M.Trainer.

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