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Alison's complaint against wigigs

Alison Keebke


Ordered a Nutribullet from Wigigs.. No notification of delivery, goods not received.

Complaint against wigigs

I ordered and paid through sage pay 55.99 for a Nutribullet .. After 2 weeks have had no notification of delivery .. Emailed 5 times no reply, tried to call a number online but it's unrecognisable.. No idea where my goods are or how to contact this company

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Sally Daragon | | VERIFIED

I too have ordered and not received an acknowledgement or response to 3 emails - when you go on the Terms & Conditions page and click WIGIG you are directed to Tristar Products, tried calling them and they say they have nothing to do with WIGIGS. I guess will have to try and pursue a refund via the CC - SAGELY say there is nothing they can do.

Clare Ross | | VERIFIED

Same here- didn't know the supplier from Portugal? Obviously can't trust sage pay either- will stick to paypal in the future

D.J.Wilkinson | | VERIFIED

I phoned sage pay and had a protraced argument with someone in the fraud department - fat lot of use that was . All they do is act as a way of keeping your card details safe ( which is something I suppose) they take the money from you and give it to someone else - and that is the sum total of their resposibility . So avoid using Sage Pay aswell !
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