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Complaint against

BE AWARE POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG!! Be prepared to be passed back and forth between AO and the manufacturer with long call wait times! Ordered a tumble Candy GVSC9DCGB Tumble Dryer which has leaked from the first use. NOT ALLOWED to return it until Engineer appointment booked despite it being a BRAND NEW TUMBLE DRYER. Inconvenience of multiple calls and long wait times to AO and manufacturer to sort situation. Then had inconvenience of having to wait days for available Engineer slot. The tumble dryer then leaked again as soon as Engineer had 'fixed' the issue. More calls with long wait times between AO and the manufacturer to get returns authorisation code. BEAR IN MIND THIS IS A BRAND NEW TUMBLE DRYER! Had to wait further 2days for returns uplift.. surprise surprise 15th December AO didn't show up to collect the tumble dryer! More long call wait times to again sort the situation. Helpful AO Customer Advisor explained there had been an oversight and my returns uplift was not booked on the system during previous call. I was offered flowers for the inconvenience at this stage, however I requested money be donated to the British Heart Foundation instead. I was informed that this would be done in my name and I would receive a confirmation letter. More about this later! Another 3days wait until a return uplift could be arranged. At this point I raised a formal complaint emailing Mr Roberts, AO CEO. Conflicting information given from the only two people who work in Escalations Team. Repeated calls to me and insulting dismissive email sent following an angina attack during one on the calls to AO triggered by the ongoing stress! Finance agreement chaos and conflicting information due to returning the tumble dryer and initially keeping the Candy GVS169DC3 Washing Machine ordered at the same time. New Day Finance company investigated the complaint re the finance agreement situation independently and resolved issue. Therefore this complaint is not about New Day, as I accepted and appreciated their investigation and resolution. 18th December a further email of complaint was sent to Mr Roberts, AO CEO regarding conflicting information from his CEO Escalations Team. 19th December I received an email response from the AO Regulated Complaints Team who stated they had closed this complaint on their side despite issues outstanding and my whole complaint never being fully addressed! Given appalling service I received I arranged the return of the Candy GVS169DC3 washing machine as was not prepared to keep the 1600 spin washing machine which was less effective than my previous 1400 spin washing machine when I had no faith in AO if further issues arose. AO Insurance protection payment was taken from my account despite being told this had been cancelled! I was offered £20 to apologise for any inconvenience caused which I refused as insulting given the time, stress, inconvenience and direct adverse effect this whole situation had on my health due to appalling customer service. This was followed by £50 offer which I further refused, again as insulting given everything I had experienced and given that when I had queried the British Heart Foundation donation that was meant to have been given on 15th December this was ignored. Only when I emailed saying I would rather post a honest online review of the horrendous service AO offer if things go wrong and highlighting my disgust at no British Heart Foundation donation as promised. I was sent a screen shot of a £30 donation, which I strongly suspect was only donated at that point due to my upcoming review as it had never been mention prior, despite me querying it!!! Extremely disgusted regarding this!!! What to expect from AO if you have appliance issues:- Appalling Customer Service. Clear lack of communication between staff. Customers complaints and significant issues raised disregarded. Insensitive and insulting towards customers. Time wasted due to long call wait times, engineer visit, as well as failed and inconvenience returns uplifts. Further stress and inconvenience of situation not being effectively addressed at point of issue. Conflicting information and total dismissal of customer issues. Is AO a company you would feel confident dealing with???

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