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Jon's complaint against Zavvi



Even more bad customer service - NEVER USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Complaint against Zavvi

Ok, I have had a complaint here before and said it was being dealt with, I had received what seemed like a response from someone who had a brain cell, oh how I was mistaken..... So the background is I thought I would try some of their ZBoxes, I tried a gamer box, the limited edition Suicide Squad box, and a regular box with a bonus mystery book box. All of these you HAVE to buy a monthly subscription but in the terms it says if you don't want this get in touch and they will cancel the renewal. So I ordered, my account showed as ordered and as expected a subscription appeared. I looked in vain for a contact number or online chat but they don't publish one, so I used their awful message service where you are lucky to get a response within a week but I thought well it’s a simple request cancel the renewal.... after 7 emails asking this and being quoted their terms stating how I had to buy the subscription etc etc, and them not cancelling the renewal I came on here, within a day a lady called Lizzie Ellison a Customer Relations Executive?! well, the request was to cancel a renewal, and she said she had read the whole email chain and was putting it forward to give their staff training, then she said how she would give me £10 credit to my account for the trouble, all sounding good, then she said (now remember she has said she read ALL emails so she should realise I want the boxes but not the renewal, I.E I don't want to auto order next month’s boxes) so what did she do, she cancelled all my orders!!!!! I then responded saying no this is not what I wanted I wanted the orders but not the renewal where she said re order them, even though the mystery book and the suicide squad boxes where limited edition and they are now not orderable!!!!!! I have since sent a further 3 emails to them to get clarity as my account shows them as being picked and/or despatched yet her email said they've been cancelled. Now this from someone with a title of Executive is beyond a laughing stock. I am still waiting on confirmation on what they are going to do about this, as they now won't call me, even though I sent them my mobile and asked for a call from a manager, they won't respond to emails. If this continues then I will take the route of trading standards, watchdog, all social media until they will listen. A quick google search shows that almost everyone has the same awful level of service from them so I am not hoping for much from this but you never know, I will probably get the normal template response saying they are sorry and what’s the order number so it can be investigated blah blah blah. So to pre empt this, one of the order numbers is - 73946275 another is 72274259. I want them to stand up and take responsibility, I want the items I ordered and paid for and I want more than £10 credit on my account for the hours of chasing I have had to do. In all I would strongly recommend using any shop over this company, i would go as far to say I would spend double the money to shop elsewhere and watch this company fold as there customer service alone doesn't deserve a penny.

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Zavvi failed to resolve this complaint

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Sarah Whitehouse | | VERIFIED

Hello Jon, Thank you for supplying your orders numbers so that I can investigate this for you. Order 73946275 - Your ZBOX Suicide Squad Special is currently on order and this will be dispatched once this is released on the 31/08/2016. Your ZBOX Gamer 1 Month Subscription - Men's - XL Men's - XL 1 Month Subscription was cancelled by a member of the customer service team unfortunately, and therefore this will not be received, I am sorry.

Sarah Whitehouse | | VERIFIED

Order 72274259, the Mystery Book Box is currently on special order and will be dispatched once we receive the stock from our supplier. The ZBOX 1 Month Subscription - Men's - XL was dispatched on the was dispatched on the 12/07/2016 and is showing as delivered on the 14/07/2016. I am sorry for the inconvenience that has been caused. Kind regards.


So the suicide is fine? Even though an executive said it isn't. The gamer is cancelled when it shouldn't be and what about the mystery book box? And what about the something in compensation for all the lost time and effort?


I honestly think you need to drastically sort out your customer service as it is appalling. Thank you for clarifying what is still on order but I can't believe I have to go in the public domain before getting any level of service. And as I stated, I'm happy to make this private now but I believe that I should be getting some form of compensation for the time, effort, stress especially as the cancelled gamer was going to be a gift.


AVOID ZAVVI at all costs. If you like the zbox then look up Geekbox, it is cheaper and almost identical. I would never give this company a penny. There service is the worst I have ever come across and when there are good business going out fo business I think this joke of a shop should close themselves down. !!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not shop with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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