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Jon's complaint against Zavvi



Zavvi supprt and zbox

Complaint against Zavvi

Ok, so I thought I would try a couple of the ZBox, which in themselves are pretty good. However they try to force you into a sunscription which I don't want but it says all you do is then cancel it after, sounds fine doesn't it.... well don't be fooled, their support staff don't read there emails, they don't pay attention to what you say and are the worst customer service team I have ever come across. I have now requested 5 times to cancel it, firstly it was ignored, second through 4th itwas ignored 5th I have had an explanation on how they only sell the zbox as a subscription which I am fully aware of, so after now quoting back to them their own website t&c's I have decided to spend some time writing a review everywhere I can, reporting their level of service and the fact they don't honour their own t&c's to trading standards. They hide their phone number not suprisingly as from a very quick Google I am not the first to find this. Everyone be warned use this store at your perril, who knows what you will get, when you will get it and when you will pay for it. Even their tracking doesn't work. Good luck

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Zavvi failed to resolve this complaint

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Sarah Whitehouse | | VERIFIED

Hello, thank you for getting in contact. In order for me to investigate this, please can you provide me with your order number? Kind regards.


This has finally been resolved after now 7 attempts, and it has been escalated. It is disgusting that it takes this long and all the answers are generic.

Sarah Whitehouse | | VERIFIED

Hello Jon, I apologise for the inconvenience that has been caused. The ZBOX subscriptions are auto-renew subscriptions, as explained in the product description on the website. This will renew unless cancelled within a 14 day cancellation period. I am pleased to hear that your complaint has now been resolved. Kind regards.


I spoke to soon and have opened another complaint, I am fully aware of it being an auto renewal and if you took the time to read the complaints you would see my complaint is from trying to cancel the auto renewal. Yet another example of how useless you are, you comment on a complaint with a statement that proves you haven't read the complaint. Either way if it isn't resolved today citizens advice have advised there is a case for trading standards so I will investigate this route.


Again, do not shop with them ever. They offerd me £10 credit for my next purchase that can't be used on a subscription service, they cancelled orders that weren't supposed to be, it took weeks to get resolved. If you like the ZBox then look at Geek box or any other as their service is better, they are cheaper and just as good. ZAVVI if you read this, sort yourselves out or stop trading, your online profile is horrific so do the decent thing. everyone else, shop elsewhere stop funding this joke!!
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