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charlie's complaint against Zavvi



[LAPSED] Zavvi Zbox autorenewed subscription after purchasing one off box

Complaint against Zavvi

In December I ordered a Zbox from Zavvi. There were 4 options, a 3 month subscription, a 6 month subscription, a 12 month subscription or a 1 off box. A one off box was the most expensive due to it not being a subscription but I only wanted one as it was a star wars box for my son. I read reviews online and there were several about not been able to cancel subscriptions so I checked in my Zavvi account just to be sure I hadnt signed up for anything and under subscriptions it said none and under orders it said one off zbox which is what I was expecting. A month later, I have just checked my bank account and I have been charged for another box. I have logged back into Zavvi and now miraculously under subscriptions, there is a Zbox subscription that was not there before. With a button option to cancel. I have pushed the cancel button (despite this not been there before and me NOT singing up to anything) and have sent them a message and am awaiting a reply. I have looked on Twitter and there are other people having the same problem. When they have asked how a one off box became a subscription with no notice, Zavvi have replied stating that they have changed all boxes to auto renew. Not sure how they have the authority to sign us up for something without telling us about it or without us agreeing to it and just taking our money. When going to Zbox on the website, there is now no option to purchase a one off box, there is only the 3 subscriptions and it now makes it clear that it auto renews. Despite what Zavvi are trying to tell people, none of this information was on the website before.

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Lapsed. charlie has not responded in 90 days

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Sarah Whitehouse | | VERIFIED

Hello Charlie, Thank you for taking the time to leave your review. We're truly sorry to hear about the experience you have faced with your order, please can you provide your order details so we can locate your account and investigate this further for you? Many thanks,
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