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Mitchell's complaint against Zavvi

Mitchell Emery


[LAPSED] Zbox cancellation and complaints

Complaint against Zavvi

I've been ordering Zboxes with Zavvi since they were first introduced. They began as one of purchases until Zavvi stated introducing them as subscription only. The issues started when I skipped ordering November's box 'Time Travel' as I wasn't interested in the theme. I cancelled my previous subscription. Zavvi website at the time, and still now, states that that earlier subscription is processing cancellation. I have however been advised by Zavvi numerous times that this is a website error and it was in fact cancelled. I ordered the following month's box 'The Force' on 6 November 2015 expecting dispatch earlier December. However when checking my bank account, I noticed that Zavvi had taken two payments of £19.99 from my account, the first on 9 November 2015 and the second was on 16 November 2015. As I was only expecting the one Zbox, and therefore the one payment to be taken, I emailed Zavvi through their online message centre on 18 November 2015 to advise them of the duplicate payment. In their response on the same day they simply advised that the Zbox subscription is a monthly rolling contract so the first payment was for the November Box and the Second is for the December box. I replied, again on 18 November 2015 advising that at no point did I order or receive the November box, the only box that I have ordered recently is the December 2015. I further advised that I have no interest in the November box and such should be grateful if that box would be cancelled and the £19.99 returned to my account. I also asked for Zavvi to cancel my subscription moving forward so that it does not continue past December 2015 as the December box is the only one that I wanted to receive. Again, Zavvi came back on the same day and confirmed the cancellation. I asked them again, still on 18 November 2015, to confirm that I will receive the refund of £19.99 taken out of my account on 9 November 2015 for the November box which I did not want and have not received. They came back again, clearly not reading my request, and again confirmed the cancellation. I asked them again to specifically confirm that i would receive a refund for the November box I did not order, did not want and did not receive. Zavvi finally confirmed in their response that they were unable to amend orders once they have been dispatched but I would have to return the Zbox to Zavvi for a refund. They further advised that if the Zbox isn't delivered to me within the delivery timescale of 14 days from the dispatch date of the order (13/11/15) then I would have to notify us of this after this time has elapsed (27/11/14) in order for them to further investigate and process a refund. In addition to this, they confirmed that I will receive the December Zbox and the cancellation request spoke about in previous emails was concerning any future subscriptions after December. In return, I asked for a tracking number, which they were unable to provide. This makes me think that they did not actually post this Zbox as all previous boxes were sent via Yodel with a tracking number. All of the above exchanges occurred on 18 November 2015. On 27 November 2015, I contacted Zavvi to confirm that the Zbox was not received and requested a refund. I was advised in return on the same day that both my subscriptions had been cancelled and requested to provide evidence that they had taken two payments from as they were having technical issues. I sent a text document in response, as their online message system limited the number of characters, advising that their message system was rejecting attachments and therefore sending the proof was not possible at the moment. I also noted that they had already confirmed what each payment was for so therefore must be able to see on their end that they were taken. I response was received on 1 December 2015 advising that the evidence could instead be sent to [email protected] and someone would look at it. On the 2 December 2015, I sent redacted screen captures of my online account statements showing the payments of £19.99 leaving my account on 9 November 2015 and 16 November 2015 as well as a refund of £19.99 which had entered my account on 25 November 2015. I asked Zavvi to please let me know which Zbox that I have paid for the refund of 25 November 2015 relates to as I fail to see which one it could be for. In terms of the Time Travel November Zbox paid for on 9 November 2015 and dispatched on 13 November 2015, they were not going to refund this until a) after 27 November 2015 so that 14 days had elapsed since dispatch and b) until I had provided the attached evidence that the payment had been made. In terms of the Force December Zbox, no refund for this should have been processed as I confirmed that I still wanted this box but to cancel my subscription after this. I sent Zavvi an email through their message centre on 3 December 2015 confirming that I had sent the email as instructed and requested that they come back to me as soon as possible. They replied the same day confirming it had been received and that someone will come back to me in the next few days. On 8 December 2015, I had not heard anything so send a further email to the feedback email address as well as another message through their online message centre noting that five days had passed and no one had been in touch. I gave them until 12pm on 10 December 2015 to response. No response has been received at the time of writing. I did however note on the 8 December 2015 that I now had two Zbox subscriptions on my account rather than just the one. Fortunately, I have noticed today that they have both been cancelled. I intend to contact my bank to prevent Zavvi taking further money from my account. Zavvi have failed to response so I have no idea which of the two payments the refund relates to (by their own comments in shouldn't relate to either). If I consider that it was a refund for the Time Travel Zbox, which was not ordered, wanted or received, then Zavvi have still taken payment for the December Zbox. I either want this Zbox, which is apparently going to be dispatched today or a refund. I really don't care which; I am done with Zboxes subscriptions now after this horrific mess. If I consider that Zavvi has actually cancelled my subscription prior to the December Zbox and the refund was for that Zbox, then Zavvi still owe me a £19.99 refund for the Time Travel Zbox. Unfortunately Zavvi have not commented either way so I cannot confirm which scenario is correct. I guess I will have to wait to see either a further refund is processed or the December Zbox is posted to me. Zavvi communication throughout the period has left a lot to be desired. They have clearly had no regard to customer service, satisfaction or their own terms and conditions. Just searching Zbox cancel or Zbox complaint on twitter shows a number of tweets to @Zavvi and @Zavvihelp as no one responds to the online message system. They have not contact number to speak to someone and when a response is received it is just a generic, standard email without actually considered the contents of any previous correspondence. I have had enough and intend to make a number of complaints about the Zbox to Watchdog, Trading Standards, Advertising Standards etc.

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Nigel Lancashire | | VERIFIED

I'm going through broadly the same situation with them. They received a return (which i can prove via Royal Mail) and even emailed to say the same, but made no refund. Their 'customer service' has been denying having received it ever since, despite me supplying evidence. They just use the same cut and paste responses, as I've discovered via various threads on the web. Clearly a massively unprincipled company that use this tactic regularly.

Mitchell Emery | | VERIFIED

That's terrible Nigel. At least the Zbox subscription, with it's own terms and conditions, is a bit complicated so it may take them a bit longer to respond. Yours is a basic return for which there should be a well established procedure they follow to provide you with a refund. The fact that you have provided evidence makes it worse. It would not surprise me if they have received your return, lost it and are now trying to pass the blame on to you. Zavvi is truly a terrible irresponsible company.

Nigel Lancashire | | VERIFIED

It is a Zbox Michael. I bought what was described as a 'one month' Zbox as a personal birthday 'surprise' treat. It was a true surprise though - two months later, another Zbox turned up. When I contacted them saying I didn't ask for it, or want it, they initially refused to take it back saying I'd agreed to a monthly rolling subscription - 'one month' being 'month-on-month' in their terms - without me signing an agreement or making a Direct Debit. I argued & they allowed the now-disputed return.

Giovanni P. | | VERIFIED

Same problem here. I boughtoctober zbox, after that I tried several times to cancel my subscription with no success. At the end of november they finally canceled my subscription (I had no active subscription on the website), but they reactivated it without my permission for the december zbox, taking money from my credit card (that i deleted from their site). It's just unacceptable, they're taking our money without our permission.

Nigel Lancashire | | VERIFIED

UPDATE to my story: Following a review I placed on Trustpilot about my experiences with Zavvi, I have today received an email from Trustpilot telling me that Zavvi has denied that they have ANY RECORD of me as a customer! Needless to say, I have sent reams of proof to Trustpilot. I am utterly disgusted by Zavvi's behavior, which basically infers that I am a liar.

Mitchell Emery | | VERIFIED

That'lol be how they have a TrustPilot score of 4.5 out of 5 despite their shocking and incompetent service. I hope that TrustPilot do something about as the fact that the retailer can just get results removed by claiming you're not a customer defeats the entire point of TrustPilot in the first place! I hope people read all this and see what scumbags Zavvi are.

Nigel Lancashire | | VERIFIED

Sadly, it seems Zavvi is a 'paid business services' subscriber to Trustpilot - and whatever favours that buys them. It seems like they have launched an all-out whitewash assault on anyone criticising them. Several other low rated reviews have been also been suspended after Zavvi reported them for 'breaching Trustpilot guidelines'.

Mitchell Emery | | VERIFIED

To provide an update on my complaint, Zavvi finally responded 14 days later to my messages (despite the fact that they aim to respond in 24-48 hours). They said that the refund must have been for the Time Travel Zbox because the Force Zbox was posted on 11 December 2015, although I received no dispatch notification. The Force Zbox turned up today so I guess that they have resolved the matter, sort of. I've contacted my bank about stopping any future payments in case they try to take any more.

Sarah Whitehouse | | VERIFIED

Hello Mitchell, Thank you for taking the time to leave your review. We're truly sorry to hear about the experience you have faced with your order and when trying to contact our Customer Service Team. Please can you provide your order details so we can locate your account and investigate further? Many thanks,

Mitchell Emery | | VERIFIED

This is typical Zavvi, posting a generic, pretending to be helpful response, some five months after the initial complaint. However order numbers demonstrating Zavvi's generally poor customer service, particularly in respect of Zboxes include 57454215, 61201416 and 57711264.

Sarah Whitehouse | | VERIFIED

Hi Mitchell, Thank you for getting in touch. I sent you a message via your online Zavvi account, please login to view the message. I must however apologise for any inconvenience this has caused you. Many thanks, Lizzie
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