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John's complaint against Kitchens Plus

John Ryder


Three months in... still not finished

Complaint against Kitchens Plus

Our £16k kitchen was delivered in the 1st week of October and it’s still not finished. We have a part missing, doors are not set correctly, sink isn’t plumbed properly (cos I had to do it), and there are stains on our oven where the fitter touched up some of the units. When the kitchen arrived, there were four doors and a larder cage missing. One of the doors were the wrong size. We were told that the missing things would come following Monday when the fitter arrived. That didn’t happen. We were then told they’d speed the production of the required parts (painted doors) and it’d be two weeks. That then turned into four. In that time, a chap called to create a snag list that we signed (that was 6th Nov). At the end of the four weeks, a kitchen fitter arrived (without any warning) with two doors. He fitted one, one was damaged and he had no knowledge of the snags list so left, having just fitted one door. The project management there seems to be really lacking. People arriving with two doors unannounced with no knowledge of a snag list. What’s that all about. Why try finish the kitchen in several trips rather than one? Endless phone calls to try and communicate and get timescales. We’ve had a second visit from a fitter with the replacement door and door fronts (again, unannounced) and he also no knowledge of a snags list. The cage is still missing, there’s door front not been fitted and snags list untouched. It’s three months on now and no-one there seems to be bothered or are returning calls. We’ve emailed and left several voicemails with Directors but no response. I’m not even sure if there’s a plan anymore? What’s happening to the door that hasn’t been fitted? Where’s the cage for the small larder unit? Are the doors going to be set correctly? Are they going to treat the stains on the oven? Are they going to plumb the sink in properly? Who is going to caulk around the worktops? Who is going to sort out the mismatched cornice?

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