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H's complaint against Kitchens Plus

H Myers


Total lack of customer care and service

Complaint against Kitchens Plus

My husband and I choose to use Kitchens Plus because they were a local company. In short, the company was one of the the worst I have ever dealt with. From day one pretty much everything that could go wrong, went wrong. However, this isn't what has forced me to write this review - we were spending nearly £25K, it was a big job and sometimes things go wrong. What has compelled me to write a review is that Kitchens Plus has continually demonstrated that they could not care less about the lack of customer care and service they provided. We found the staff rude and the communication woeful. The only saving grace is the contractors they use who are not employed directly by them, many of whom really care about the customers and do their best in difficult circumstances. One week before Christmas I rang our Project Manager (a loose term as KP admit themselves) and cried. I asked him if I could speak to a director. He told me that he would update a director called Laurence as to our situation and that Laurence would call me after Christmas. If I'm honest, I truly believed at the point, knowing how much had gone wrong with the job and Chris seeing how upset I was, that Laurence would call to put things right. Needless to say, he didn't. In fact, I chased Chris about something else and he conveniently forgot to mention it. I think he probably just hoped it would go away. It did. I didn't chase. I only wanted to know that our business meant something to KP. In Laurence's non-response, I got my answer. My advice, please look around before choosing KP Ltd - especially if you're pricing up a big job.

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