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Emma's complaint against My Geek Box



[LAPSED] A subscription set up and payments taken that I haven't agreed to

Complaint against My Geek Box

I ordered a one-off £10 box from My Geek Box which was described as no commitment to subscribe. I received it and decided not to subscribe, even checking my account with them to make sure I didn't have a subscription. I have since received an email saying my next box is on its way and checking my account I have seen that they have set up a subscription on my behalf AND have taken payments from my bank that I haven't authorised! When I contacted them they didn't even address this and said they would cancel my subscription after this month! This is not what I requested - I want the money back that they've taken. I don't care about the box they're sending - they can have it back!

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Lapsed. Emma has not responded in 90 days

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Sarah Whitehouse | | VERIFIED

Hi Emma, I am really sorry to hear that you were unaware you had ordered an auto renewal subscription. Is it possible you can please supply me with your order number and I can take a look into this further for you. Many thanks,


The only order number I have is 70014891 from April - the one-off order of £10 and only order I have actually made. However, in the subscriptions section it says I have a rolling subscription which I haven't signed up for and I'm still being charged for boxes even though I haven't made any more orders!

Sarah Whitehouse | | VERIFIED

Hello Emma, I am sorry to hear about your problem with your subscription. The My Geek Box subscription is an auto-renew subscription, as explained in the product description on the website. I am pleased to advise that your subscription is now cancelled and therefore you will receive no further boxes and no further charges. Kind regards.
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