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Louise's complaint against My Geek Box

Louise Beresford


[LAPSED] Disgusting violent DVD sent to both my children in their childs geekbox. not resolved or apology

Complaint against My Geek Box

I placed an order for two geek boxes for my children aged 9 and 11 back on 6th of April 16 and waited for them to arrive as a monthly treat for the kids for good school work, help round the house etc. they were very excited and when they eventually turned up I was absolutely horrified to find a very very gory ,violent and disgusting over 18 horror film in both their boxes! they were both gutted to have lost part of their boxes as I couldn't let them keep them and they were horrified and upset by the cover alone. I contacted My Geek Box customer service the only way you can through their website and was sent a message saying they were aware of the problem and could I give them 48 hours at investigate and sort the problem out! so I waited ! and waited ! and waited! and then contacted them a further 4 times and every single time was given the exact same reply in the exact same wording like they cant even be bothered to answer you personally they have now taken more money out of my next boxes but have made no attempt to replace the items from the previous boxes,apologise properly or assure me that its not going to happen again and I am very nervous as I don't want the kids to be upset again :( this was supposed to be a treat and a surprise for them every month but I have quickly lost faith in their company and am disgusted in their lack of customer service or reguard for the children they supply boxes for I am still awaiting a response to my last message but I will prob get the exact same automated response yet again

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Lapsed. Louise has not responded in 90 days

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Simon Perry | | VERIFIED

Did you specifically order the kids version of the box, or did you just buy the standard box? As the standard version of the box came with this DVD last month.

My Geek Box | | VERIFIED

Hello Louise, I am very sorry to hear that you have received this DVD with your GeekBox. I would like to discuss this matter with you in order to rectify this error. Please can you provide a telephone number and a member of our Customer Relations Team will be in touch with you. Once again I apologise for any disappointment caused by this error and hope that we can provide you with a positive outcome. Kind Regards Martin Seed Customer Relations Executive

My Geek Box | | VERIFIED

Hi Louise, Following on from the previous reply if you are not comfortable leaving you contact number on this thread, please contact us via your online My Geek Box account. Once a contact number has been received I will personally give you a call to discuss your complaint in further detail. Many thanks, Lizzie Ellison Customer Relations Executive

Louise Beresford | | VERIFIED

hi thanks lizzie I have already given you my number 4 times via your website over the past month and never received a call once despite asking several times?

My Geek Box | | VERIFIED

Hi Louise, I have tried to find your account, however I have been unable to locate your account with the name you have provided. In order to resolve your query swiftly, are you able to confirm your order number? If you would prefer please send it to the following email: [email protected] with the reference SSLE5598. Once I have located your account I will personally look over the correspondence you have sent and give you a call so I can resolve your complaint. Many thanks, Lizzie
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