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Gemma's complaint against My Geek Box

Gemma Cowley


[LAPSED] Missing subscription boxes

Complaint against My Geek Box

I ordered a 3 month box subscription for my brother's birthday in May. He received boxes in June, July and August, but then didn't receive anything in September. I assumed I had paid for just 3 months, but he then received one randomly in October. MyGeekBox didn't recognise any of our email addresses to log on, so I couldn't check the account and wrongly assumed it was just a one off. He didn't receive one in November, but has now received another. I have now checked with my bank and realised we were resubscribed to MyGeekBox in September and again in December. I understand I should have realised this was a rolling subscription, but where are his boxes from September and November? Looking at their social media is very worrying, it seems as though many, many people are missing boxes and other items. I have cancelled my payment through my bank, but need a refund for what was not delivered in September and November. Thanks, Gemma

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Lapsed. Gemma has not responded in 90 days

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Hello Gemma, I have tried to locate your account and I'm unable to do so with your name, please can you provide me with the order number you would have been provided with when you first placed the order for the subscription so I can locate this and assist you further. Many thanks
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