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Katy's complaint against My Geek Box

Katy Sutherland


MyGeekBox will not allow me to cancel my subscription

Complaint against My Geek Box

I finally received my first shipment (after being charged twice by this point) and it was not what I expected. I requested that my account be cancelled and the company refused to do so. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB, Attorney General, and my bank to file a chargeback if that's what it takes for me to resolve this (if My Geek Box continues to refuse to do the right thing). Here's my request to cancel and their response: -- Thanks for contacting us at My Geek Box USA. Please do not reply to us at this e-mail address as we will not receive your message. This is an automated response. For your records, your original query was: I want to cancel my subscription. I am not happy with what I received and have already been billed twice with only one package shipped. Please cancel my subscription and confirm via email. One of our customer services advisors has reviewed your query and we are able to confirm the following: Hello Katy, Thank you for getting in touch about your subscription. I can advise the February box was dispatched to you on the 21st, delivery can take up to 30 days. Payment for the March box was taken on the 1st, payment is taken at the start of every month and the box dispatches towards the end of the month. As you have subscribed to a 12 month subscription I am unable to cancel this subscription for you at present I do apologise. If there is anything else that we can do, then please do not hesitate to get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help. Kind regards, Matthew My Geek Box Customer Service Team If you have any further questions, please login to Your Account where you will be able to request more information. We try to make contacting us as easy and convenient as possible and want to answer all your questions fully. Our Frequently Asked Questions may be able to provide you with the answer you are looking for. To respond to this thread, please log into your online account and reply through the message centre. Many Thanks, My Geek Box USA Team

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My Geek Box failed to resolve this complaint

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Katy Sutherland | | VERIFIED

Still no confirmation that my account is cancelled. I am very disappointed in the product and the standard of service this poorly run company has provided.

Sarah Whitehouse | | VERIFIED

Hello Kathy, Thank you for getting in touch about your subscription with My Geek Box. I am sorry to hear that you have not been able to cancel your subscription. If you can contact us through your account, we will be able to look into this matter for you. Many Thanks, Andy - Feedback Team

Katy Sutherland | | VERIFIED

I have contacted your team via email and Facebook messaging. Both times, I was told that I agreed to a 12 month subscription and that I would not be allowed to cancel. I reached out after receiving the first shipment to cancel, yet am being held hostage. I cannot believe that My Geek Box will not do the right thing here and just cancel my subscription. Please confirm cancellation.

Sarah Whitehouse | | VERIFIED

Hello Kathy, Thank you for your response. Please can you confirm your order number and I will be more than happy to look into this for you. Many thanks, Catherine - Feedback Team

Katy Sutherland | | VERIFIED

My order number was 86213880. I have already cancelled future transactions from your company. You will not receive any additional funds from me, so I am asking that you cancel future orders so you do not lose money. I will not budge on this, I contacted your company upon receipt of my first package to cancel. CANCEL MY ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY.

Katy Sutherland | | VERIFIED


Sarah Whitehouse | | VERIFIED

Hi Katy, Thank you for your message. I am very sorry that you wish to cancel your subscription. I have contacted you through your account with a resolution for you. Thanks, Catherine - Feedback Team

Katy Sutherland | | VERIFIED

The resolution was that I cancelled the card GeekBox was using, so they finally cancelled my subscription. While some customers may love their product, I did not and it should not have been this difficult to cancel a subscription upon receipt of my first delivery. I do not recommend this company to anyone. Terrible customer service and operations!!

Katy Sutherland | | VERIFIED

Terrible company.
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