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Martyn's complaint against My Geek Box

Martyn Licchelli


[RESOLVED] - Screwed me around, apologised, then stole money

Complaint against My Geek Box

Ordered a kids box for my son. Was due May 16th, and got postponed 3 times without apology or explanation. Made it near impossible to cancel the second box. Eventually cancelled when the 1st box turned up. 5-7 items at £50 value was promised. Got 4 items, 3 of which are from poundland. So I complained, as at least 1 was missing. They agreed to send this out, took a further 2 week to do it. Today, they apologised and gave me a huge discount off my next box. Instead of £20, with a voucher and the credit they gave me, I could get my box for just £5. So I ordered it, in the hope my past experience was a one off. Stupid me. Checked my bank, and found 10 was short (not yet cleared) called my bank, and confirmed, MyGeekBox had indeed taken £10 instead of £5, despite my receipt saying just a fiver. They claim no wrong doing, and I am unable to get my money back now for minimum ten days... and only if I use my banks dispute team. Usless company, blatant liars and thieves, unapologetic, and the worst customer service team ever... which is now combined with a broken website that even makes they're pitiful email help system impossible to use.

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My Geek Box resolved this complaint

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Martyn Licchelli | | VERIFIED

Oh it gets better. They sent me a replacement item for my sons box, to replace the item missing. I told them what item was missing, and instead they sent me the poundland books again... despite knowing he has them

Sarah Whitehouse | | VERIFIED

Hello Martyn, I am truly sorry to hear about the service that you have received from My Geek Box. I have located your account and can see that my colleague has called you on the 20/6/16 to resolve this query over the phone. Kind Regards, My Geek Box Customer Services Team

Martyn Licchelli | | VERIFIED

Yes, after a total of 7 weeks of issues, I have eventually had a phone call. The girl I dealt with was great, very helpful. If you had a phoneline so people could talk to customer services, I think youd have a lot less complaints as over the phone its so much easier. This nonsense of Tweets and emails only, with 24-48 hour reply times in some cases is awful. I'll close this complaint once I receive my items and my refund. Understandably, I'm not not taking your companies word for anything

Sarah Whitehouse | | VERIFIED

Hi Martyn, I am really sorry for the time it has taken to resolve your query. I will be sure to pass your feedback through to the relevant departments. Many thanks,

Martyn Licchelli | | VERIFIED

Quick update here, nearly 2 months later... Still not resolved the issue Terrible company, which makes it far easier to use the pricier American options which have better items anyway, and the extra cost is fully worth it because you actually get the bloody thing delivered

Sarah Whitehouse | | VERIFIED

Hello Martyn, I can now see that this has been resolved and the £10 credit has been added to your account. I apologise for the inconvenience caused during this order process. Many thanks.

Martyn Licchelli | | VERIFIED

Eventually got a refund
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