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Leila's complaint against My Geek Box

Leila Bidwell


[RESOLVED] - Why on earth is it impossible to cancel my order

Complaint against My Geek Box

I foolishly used a coupon code to try a box for £10. I wish I hadn't now, as I do not wish to have a monthly rolling subscription, and every time I contact the company to cancel, I am told I am unable to. First, I was told I must wait until 15th as this is when boxes are sent, so I waited patiently, and contacted them again on the 15th, only to be told I must wait until 23rd as this is when the boxes are dispatched. Is someone who works there not familiar with the calendar? Why you are unable to log a note in the system and cancel the rolling subscription once the most recent box has been issued is beyond me, hell, even a post it note could do the job! As it stands, I have not received anything, and after this appalling customer service I would rather receive nothing and cancel my order than have to deal with this company again. This moving of goalposts and contradicting themselves with every turn is beyond frustrating, and I am one step short of contacting my bank directly, and instructing them to prevent all payments from being issued to My Geek Box, perhaps this is the only way in which my order will be cancelled! Basically, thus far, I have paid £10 for a headache.

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My Geek Box resolved this complaint

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My Geek Box | | VERIFIED

Hi Leila, I am really sorry to hear that your subscription is no longer required. I have contacted you via your online account in regards to your subscription. Please log into your account to view the message. Many thanks, Lizzie

Leila Bidwell | | VERIFIED

Dear Lizzie, Thank you for your apology, and for cancelling my order / subscription. By doing so, you have proven that it is, in fact, possible to cancel a subscription and I do not need to wait for an elusive ever changing date in order to do so. I would be grateful if you could let the remainder of the customer service team be aware of this to prevent such a pain for future customers. Thank you for your time, and for resolving the matter.

Leila Bidwell | | VERIFIED

Not satisfied, but only options are: satisfied, or unhappy. Rolling subscription cancelled, despite being repeatedly told to await magic date which never occurs in order for this to be possible. Apparently I will be refunded, I will not hold my breath. How is an order marked dispatched in mid-late April (I forget exact date) completely cancelled? Many crate/box companies offer excellent customer service, I hope they can improve in future. Never tempted by introductory offers again.
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