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I bought a Samsung 82 inch TV from Secret Sales in November for a delivery in December just before Christmas. On the 21st on December, my item was marked as dispatched. Unfortunately I wasn't home the following days as I was visiting family for Christmas. I was expecting either a phone call to arrange delivery or a slip put through my letter box when I came back but nothing was there. I waited till after the new year to contact Secret Sales and ask them what was happening thinking it might just be the Christmas delivery back log. It took Secret Sales almost 2 months to finally tell me that the seller has asked them to refund me my money. I told them that I did not want a refund but my product. They refunded me anyway stating that their terms and conditions say that if the seller can not provide the product, you have to accept a refund. My argument here is that I was never given any explanation about what happened to my product between the time it was in transit and the time it disappear, nor any sort of apology. I was just given a refund after more than 3 months of wait. I was wondering if there is anything I could do in order to get my product. The product still exist and is about £600 more expensive on any other website. Or maybe, am I untitled in some sort of compensation as they had more then £2500 of my money for so long?

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