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Kira's complaint against Pearl and Earl

Kira harper


Order missed Christmas, no communications, then cancelled with no explanation.

Complaint against Pearl and Earl

Dear pearl and earl, I genuinely don't understand how you think this is ok??! After masses of communication and promises from you, then just radio silence in the last few days before Christmas, to then just cancel this order with no effort to apologise or explanation is absolutely disgusting behaviour from a independent retailer. I have refrained from laying into you on social media as I found it a little uncomfortable thinking how all the nasty things people were saying about you would affect you over Christmas. I know it would put a black cloud over my celebrations. So I left it. But now I wish I had. You need to be apologising, offering partial refunds and discounts, and ASKING people if they want to cancel their orders before just doing it with no explanation. Only THEN when they say they want to cancel should you be cancelling orders! You need to be grovelling to your customers right now. Reading all the comments on Twitter, that's all most people want - an apology! So be the bigger person and deal with this like grown ups rather than children burying their heads in the sand. Actually, children would deal with this better! My son wanted to get a money box for his daddy for Christmas for all the coins next to his bed. Imagine how upset my little man was that he couldn't give daddy his present on Christmas Day! He would actually still like to give this money box (as loathed as I am that you would be getting my business) so please un cancel my order and send me my goods! I do not want to be paying full price or delivery for this so please offer a discount. As a small business owner my self I am baffled by your behaviour. You definitely don't deserve the 1million turnover you supposedly have, that many of us are working our socks off to achieve. Trading standards need to step up here, not on the high street need to kick your behinds off their site and you need to start from scratch building up your business again. Grow a pair Pearl & Earl and sort this out!

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