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Chantelle's complaint against KIKO Milano

Chantelle Elgendi


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Complaint against KIKO Milano

To whom it may concern, So basically I set out for a new foundation when I traveled to the Kiki Milano store in Romford Essex England. Was looking around and a assistant said do I need help told her I wanted a foundation etc she carried on helping me a choose one after telling her I'm very light skinned always go for light porcenline I trusted her as she promised it was better then I would want it to be went to use it the following date I was completely so angry this foundation was orange as anything I looked so f""cking vile I can't believe she would sell me this and let me leave the store with it. !!! I'm so white witch is obvious when you see me and she even told me she used it and had it on that day! We was the same colour so I don't get why she sold me something that made me look so orange I still have it it's like 15x my shade !!!

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