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Nigat's complaint against KIKO Milano

Nigat Parveen


Rude customer service personnel

Complaint against KIKO Milano

Dear Spokesman, I am currently visiting Malaga and decided to take my friend into my favourite store to introduce her to some amazing affordable makeup. My friend and I spent quite some time in there with the shop assistant going through lipstick colours and she recommended other make up which we ended up buying. After returning back to my hotel I realised the lipstick was the wrong colour (must have been switched during transaction). Realising this I immediately returned to the store and luckily flagged down the assistant who sold me the lipstick. She realised she sold me the wrong colour and was very apologetic. During our interaction another store assistant interrupted our conversation and wanted to take over, it seemed as assistant 1 was due to finish work. Asssiant 2 then in a very unhelpful manner tried to sell me another lipstick as she couldn't find the colour I wanted,in her unhelpful manner she said this is 'this only one I have, so what do you want to do'. I asked her to find me the colour I initially wanted as I'm not too keen on the colour she suggests I should buy. After going through quite a few colours she managed to find the lipstick I wanted and then took me to the till. She asked me for the receipts and upon exchange told me I need to pay a further euro 5 as I was charged wrong in the first place. She snatched the receipt from my hand and immediately said this is not my doing so I have nothing to do with it. You need to pay extra! Of course at this stage feeling very unsatisfactory with the service and the inconvenience this situation has caused would have been overlooked if the assistant's manner was friendly. However in this instance I feel absolutely dissatisfied with the service of the assistant. I found her attitude and her mannerism absolutely appalling. I am a customer who has in the past spent money at kiko and have recommended the store to many friends, as I did tonight! I am not sure if I would continue to spend anytime in the store in future if that is what I can expect from store that has the potential to be on par with leading brands. Thank you, Nigat

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