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Kam's complaint against KIKO Milano

Kam Clair


Skin evolution foundation made my face swollen

Complaint against KIKO Milano

Hypo allergic? I think not. I am a usual customer at Kiko Milano in Italy and have been using. their hydrating foundation for a very long time now. When I heard that Kiko Milano had opened up near to were I lived I decided to get a foundation match. The lady applied the skin revolution on my jaw line and above and the next day I had woken up to a red rash exactly where she had tested the foundation. I thought nothing of it as I have used other Kiko products before. I checked the label and it said it was hypo allergic and to test it on my fore arm and it say that if I do this and nothing shows up then I'm 100% safe to use it. Nothing did show up on my fore arm so I put the foundation all over my face for a night out and in the morning I had a swollen face and had to go to A&E.

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