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Kim's complaint against KIKO Milano

Kim Vigneron


Terrible customer service

Complaint against KIKO Milano

I really like the Kiko products but after my encounter with their customer service I'm not sure if I will ever use their webshop again. May 18th I placed 2 orders and paid them with Sofort. After a couple days, it occured to me that I hadn't received any confirmation of these orders. I found a link to the Belgian customer service, which is located in France (??), and explained them my situation. We exchanged several e-mails, I gave them a copy of the bank statements where the 2 amounts were debited from my account. They asked my data for the refund and then all of the sudden July 11th they tell me they can't find my money!! WTF?! 110€ were deducted from my account and now they are floating in banking heaven?! Logics says this is impossible. We're almost two months later, I've written several e-mails to Kiko, they keep telling me I can't get my money back, I keep telling they have to take a more profound look at their bank account. I've contacted Sofort, who can't help me, they keep referring to Kiko. My bank can only tell me the money is transferred to the German Kiko account. I'm now considering to file a complaint for theft, it seems to be the only option left.

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Kim Vigneron | | VERIFIED

After 3 months of begging for my money, I finally received it back last week, after I told them I filed a complaint at ECC.

Juliia Kryvonosova | | VERIFIED

Hello! Say me please, what email did you wrote? I'm in the same situation now. I wanna try my luck. Thank you in advance.

Kim Vigneron | | VERIFIED

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