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Nadra's complaint against KIKO Milano

Nadra sultana


Trafford centre store used my debit card whilst in their possession after leaving car in machine

Complaint against KIKO Milano

I shopped in Kiko Trafford and the staff were so rude I forgot my card in card machine and left the store on the Friday. I came home and only realised on Monday when I saw transactions on my card I hadn't made pending I immediately rang my bank and they informed me these were done on "Sunday" KIKO had my card. I rang on Monday after finding this out and went to the shop they had my card readily available and casually passed it to me. I contact the area manager after £150 was pending on my account that had I far as I'm concerned been stolen from me whist they had my card. She dealt with it in the poorest manner and get skills were disgraceful to say the least she lied about handling my complaint and as far as it been taken further she again lied. This woman did nothing after knowing what her staff did. She weeks later sent me a plastic make up bag as a "goodwill" gesture which I immediately returned and it cost me £5.95 to post back. I asked her to reward the person who used my card. The company are disgraceful and the staff equally. Please do not trust as they have NO STRUCTURE and after this they are the MOST DISGRACEFUL COMPAMY IVE KNOWN AND NEESHA WAS A VERY POORLY TRAINED AREA MANAGER WHO DIDNT CARE AND LIED FOR HER STAFF

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Nadra sultana | | VERIFIED

Someone from KIKO in Spain contacted me by the name of Isabelle whom was very pleasant but all she could offer is sorry for the upset

Nadra sultana | | VERIFIED

Someone from Spain contacted me by the name of Isabell she was a very please any lady but nothing more has been done s d all they could offer is nothing apart from words of "Sorry"
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