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Jordana's complaint against FOOTASYLUM

Jordana V


Lost Boots that are now discontinued

Complaint against FOOTASYLUM

By far the worst customer service I've ever had from a shoe shop. They have lost my favourite pair of boots which now are no longer being made. To resolve and find out about their incompetence took me hours of phone calls to costumer service each time me having to explain the situations every single time. Numerous visits to the shop with 0 effort to contact me to tell me they had lost the boots! AFTER 3 MONTHS of all of this their answer to losing the boots that are no longer being made was to give me a refund!!!! SERIOUSLY NOT GOOD ENOUGH! To top it off the second order (converses) I made was sent back to depot without anyone contacting me, second time sent to the store I HAD TO GO IN AND CHASE for the shoes as they didn't have any paper work attached and their for wouldn't have contacted me. SO TWICE THEY HAVE FAILED with me with the most simplest task! I'm so disappointed and disheartened with it all I will advice ALL my clients, friends and family to AVOID!

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Pete Mcphee | | VERIFIED

I have ordered timberland boots 5th July 2020 next day delivery it now the 14th it is really bad service they just take your money disgusted with footasylum don't order you won't receive them

Jordana V | | VERIFIED

Hi I fully understand you but you just added to my complaint and didn't write a new complaint which I suggest you do

Harry Taylor | | VERIFIED

They're awful. Lost a return aswell
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