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Daniel's complaint against IWOOT



[LAPSED] IWOOT - Avoid at all cost!!!

Complaint against IWOOT

So first of all, I had never used IWOOT before but signed up as a new customer to pre-order some walking dead collectables before they were released (the whole point of PRE-ORDERING something is to beat the queues, have it delivered as soon as it is officially released and to know that you will not have to wait for the item). The estimated delivery date was the release date of the items, which was the 18th November 2016, it is now the 29th and i have contacted IWOOT several times to be told that they are out of stock and i can expect delivery some time in December! Well, i can tell you right now IWOOT before your team comes on here to tell me that you will look into it etc, you should NOT be taking pre-orders for items unless you have the stock for it! I have worked in retail, and if you have 250 items in the warehouse, then there should be 250 pre-order slots and no more! Next issue is that one of the three collectables was "dispatched" on the 18th and 11 days later it is still not here, and instead I've received a parcel with 4 Pop Vinyls which i did not order, but still came in a parcel with my name and address on it! This looks like they have been packing my parcel at the same time as another customers and mixed up the products going into the boxes. I have contacted them numerous times about this NEW issue (separate issue from the pre-orders being delayed) and they keep palming me off with "we can do nothing but apologise for the delay". I was even in an instant messaging session with one of their team which i will show, and at times i was waiting 30mins per response and at one point even over an hour!!! DISGUSTING! I have repeatedly told them that regardless of them telling me to WAIT on my items which would have been here had i ordered from ANY other website, i still have 4 POP VINYLS i didn't order and they finally acknowledged that but told me to send them the delivery information on the parcel. I have now decided that since i have spent over a week trying to sort this mess out that i am no longer giving them any more of my time and i'm sure as hell not going to spend more time going to the post office to send back something i did not order, as it is THEIR mistake, so they will need to have a courier come pick it up cos i am not spending any more time on them and i have the screenshots to prove i have contacted them and done everything in my power to resolve the issue but have been ignored and palmed off continuously. This company is by far the WORST customer experience i have ever had without exception and as soon as my items arrive, i can tell you without doubt or hesitation i will never use them again, and will make sure none of my family will either. Please look at the other bad reviews on here before you make a purchase and decide if you want to risk being one of the unlucky ones, because when you fall down that hole i guarantee you they will do nothing to resolve your issues and will simply tell you to wait! If they want to make a gesture, they can make the POP VINYLS i did not order a gift, and i will donate them to a local children's charity as i have no use for Sesame Street or Wrestling collectables. Just an extra mention, because i've read other reviews where IWOOT come on here to assure people that they have the matter in hand. Number 1, you have been absolutely useless and have tried to resolve NOTHING, so don't waste your time because im telling everyone outright that you have wasted my time and even if you miraculously sorted it out now it is too little too late. Number 2, don't send me a message relating to this post unless it is a real solution such as sending my items out to me ASAP because anything less than this is unacceptable at this point. For the record this is ongoing and i am still waiting on items, so this is not someone who has bought something previously and comes on to bash IWOOT after the fact, my experience is ongoing. AVOID!!! You have been warned!

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Sarah Whitehouse | | VERIFIED

Hello Daniel. Thank you for getting in touch. I am sorry to hear of the experience that you have had. Please can you supply me with your order number so that I can look into this for you? Many Thanks
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