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Rachel's complaint against IWOOT

Rachel Cuenca


Taking over two weeks to send a voucher?!

Complaint against IWOOT

Hi, I made an order to come in time for Valentine's Day this year. In the order were two items (gadget box and usb item) and also a voucher for BRGR for afternoon tea. I got the two physical items but now it is now coming up to three weeks since I ordered and I still don't have my voucher. I have contacted IWOOT by email several times, to which I have had the same response "I can confirm that this has been raised with our Customer Operations team to get this item dispatched for you. Please allow 72 hours for a full investigation to be completed." - it's been WAY MORE than 72 hours and still no response. I have continued to email every week (starting to lose count of how many times I email now - perhaps I may have email twice in one week at some point?!) to the same response. I have also tried to get in touch on their twitter help account - to which I am IGNORED constantly - and checking back on this, they are responding to other people who have actually tweeted them AFTER i have. I have again email again and have been given the same response about it being looked into but have said if they can either provide me with the voucher I bought OR a refund. I will add here no information or support for a refund has been given, so they have skirted around this issue. To add, I made another order (not too sure why I have seeing as the service has been terrible?!) since then. These items came next day which is fortunate, but again, still no response on my order from more than two weeks back. This is very frustrating as the only answer I have got over the past two weeks is that it is being 'looked into' which is fine. Could they at least provide me with a time frame and if not, then I would like to a refund - although it's a shame because my purchase is something I really want. The biggest thing to note here is that money has already been taken out of my account and my items have not been received. Also, it's literally just a voucher - surely of any of the items ordered this would be quicker to come through as it could either be emailed over to me or sent via post?! I also believe I should be compensated for the trouble this has caused - I have paid money for a product and have wasted a lot of my time emailing and getting in touch with IWOOT to be batted away with very little information. I would really appreciate it if someone from IWOOT could get back to me - and when I say get back to me, I mean a human actually responding and not an automated messaged with the same lie I have been told in each email response so far.

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IWOOT failed to resolve this complaint

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Sarah Whitehouse | | VERIFIED

Hello Rachel, I am sorry to hear that you have not yet received the voucher code that you had ordered. We would like to resolve this matter for you, so if you could kindly contact us through your account, we will be able to look into this further. Once again I do apologise for the inconvenience caused. Many Thanks, Andy - Feedback Team

Rachel Cuenca | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message

Rachel Cuenca | | VERIFIED

Hi, thanks for getting back to me. Can you guarantee that someone will actually take my message seriously?The reason i've come to this website to complain is through the several times I have complained through my account/emailing you directly, I have been responded to through a generic message that 'it's being looked into' with no time frame of when this will be?

Sarah Whitehouse | | VERIFIED

Hello Rachel, Thank you for your response. We will most definitely be able to resolve this matter for you. Please contact us via your account so that we can look further into this matter for you. I am truly sorry for the way that this matter has been handled. Many Thanks, Andy - Feedback Team

Rachel Cuenca | | VERIFIED

This is complete however, shouldn't have happened in the first place for me to come onto here and complain!
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