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Margaret 's complaint against Joie Baby

Margaret Johnstone


[RESPONDED] 360 joke dose not tilt enough

Complaint against Joie Baby

I Bought the 360 seat last summer for my new grandson. Up until now on used it for very short journeys so he hasn't fallen asleep. But in the last few weeks the journeys have been ling so has fallen asleep. I was horrified to see that his head each time falls forward, this can not be comfortable or safe if you had to break quickly. I would say this makes it unfit for purpose. Mothercare are not interested and still await any reply from the customer service of jole. Not impressed.

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Sarah Jones | | VERIFIED

Hello Margaret, really sorry to hear about this. Please do give us a ring on 0800 952 0061 and we'll do everything we can to assist to make your little one feel more comfortable in its car seat. All the best, Joie

Margaret Johnstone | | VERIFIED

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Margaret Johnstone | | VERIFIED

Called the jole number and a total waste of time. Customers word not good enough and basically when you get the store of purchase to fit the seat it may not be correct or suitable for the car it's being used in.
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