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Hannah's complaint against Joie Baby

Hannah Wright


[RESOLVED] - Head flopping forward onto chest out of the head restraint

Complaint against Joie Baby

I originally bought the Joie I-anchor in December and noticed after the first time my little girl (now 17months old) fell asleep her head would slump completely forward, to the point where she sounded like she couldn't breathe properly and her head completely clear or the head restraint. After a few messages and arguments with Mothercare (as Joie told me it was something I needed to take up with the retailer) they agreed to let me exchange the seat for the newer version called the I-anchor advanced which was meant to have solved the head flopping situation. I took delivery of this at the start of Feb. A few days after using it my little girl fell asleep in the seat, her head instantly fell into the same position so I was back to square one!! I don't believe this is the retainers fault at all, this is a major design flaw on Joies half! I have contacted Joie many times asking a simple question "has this seat been crash tested in a head flopped position". They will not answer that question! My little girls safety is at risk, if she's asleep and we are hit from the side then her head and neck aren't being protected. The whole point of a car seat is to keep your children safe and this seat isn't doing that, it's not fit for purpose and I want a refund from them so I can go and purchase a safe seat!! My seat also wobbles but they have assured me "this is completely normal". I'm having to take their word for it but in my opinion it doesn't look safe. She rocks from side to side whist driving.

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Joie Baby resolved this complaint

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Hannah Wright | | VERIFIED

Joie sent 2 managers to my house with various car seats (not just their own make) to find a seat that is suitable for my car, they also wanted to understand the different seat angles in cars and how that affects the recline on car seats! They replaced my car seat with the Joie every stages which I am very happy.They also refunded my money for the I-anchor advanced. Also anyone in the group online who is having the head flop problem they have either refunded or replaced their seat
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